Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Product Review (Sugar Lash Pro, Blink Mink)

As the lash extension industry grows, there are an abundance of product lines to choose from. By releasing product reviews, we hope to make the buying process easier, by giving our opinions on great products. We have not been paid or given free products in exchange for reviews. This fall we will be reviewing Sugar Lash Pro and Blink Mink.

Sugar Lash Pro is a high quality line that features faux mink and silk synthetic product lines. The carry a multitude of things from adhesives, tools, lash extensions, to blueprints for the lash bed upholstery. They carry a variety of colors in lash extensions and the proper diameter sizes for volume lashes. Their products can be directly ordered from their site We purchase the faux mink bottom lashes and the faux mink 0.07mm C-curl lash extensions.
 The taper and texture of the lashes we perfect! They were delivered on time and we believe this is the best product we've used so far for volume lashes and bottom lashes.

Blink has an excellent line of adhesives and different lash curls and lengths. It can be purchased from its direct site or from We purchase the faux mink C-curl lash extensions in 11mm, 13mm, 15mm and 17mm as well as the Blink Plus lash adhesive. The lash extension we also of high quality and the adhesive was quick drying, low fume, and excellent for both traditional and volume lash extensions.

We using any product we are worried if our money was well spent, and in the case of using Blink and Sugar Lash Pro we are OVERLY SATISFIED!

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